Travel grant for Cairo, Publicistklubben, 2015

Work grant for exhibition in Cairo, Nordisk Kulturfond, 2010

Travel grant to Dakar, Moderna Museet 2010

Work grant: Nordic Pavilion Dak'Art, Swedish Cultural Council 2010

Travel grant to São Paulo, 2009, Publicistklubben

Travel grant, Brazil, 2008 Norsk Kritikerlag

Awarded grant, Längmanska Kulturfonden, 2006 with Veronica Wiman

Research residency at NIFCA, Finland, together with Veronica Wiman, October 2005

Collaborative research residency at Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey March-April 2004 and August- September 2004

Awarded grant, with Veronica Wiman, Stiftelsen Framtidens Kultur 2004

Awarded grants from the Swedish Institute 2002 (Cairo and Alexandria) and 2004 (Istanbul)