Dejan Antonijevic

In his new body of work Dejan Antonijevic has managed to merge two of his lines of production techniques that previously were separated: the photograph and the collage. Antonijevic is most likely best known for his meticulous “old school” photography where beauty and content are equal components or for his collages from newspapers and magazines with both advertisements and news juxtaposed forming new conceptual meanings. A long term theme for the works of Antonijevic has been how mass media affect the way we think about things, be it politics, world events or the way we dress, commenting on how superficiality and instant gratifying objects shape our desires.

Antonijevic recent work has developed in a new way where seemingly unrelated things, like the horse of the Ferrari logo and scraps of aluminium or minced meat with a pile of tossed out and used Christmas trees are compiled to make new constellations that are not neither evident nor make the sort of combination that is done solely for aesthetical reasons of beauty. Also new is his use of the scanner as a camera as a technique adding to the photographic-collage work. The work I Wish… (2008) points no fingers but is clearly a comment on mass consumption and the mechanism behinds what makes us feel happy and good about ourselves even if most connotations are left open for the spectator to continue dwelling on. The result of these photo-collages is quite surprising since the combination of proud photo workmanship and visually “ugly” manifestations through the collage technique. Hereby more questions arise than answers which are both (visually) unsatisfying and (intellectually) gratifying.