For his show at Galleri Wang, Andreas Heuch has covered the floor with tons of white sand. Visitors wander through the exhibition on raised wooden paths, taking in Heuch's wall paintings, whose biomorphic forms conflate the micro- and macrocosmic; one resembles a galactic nebula, while others look like magnified views of climbing plants or blood vessels. A collaborative painting by Heuch and Børre Sæthre flows from the second floor to the first, connecting Heuch's installation to Sæthre's in the project room upstairs. There, large pink mirrored slabs share the space with a stuffed mountain goat that seems to be leaping through the wall, exposing hindquarters and genitalia. With its glossy pink modules and fluffy white animal, Sæthre's installation somehow conveys the sense of an outburst of refinement—not necessarily the antithesis, but possibly a counterpoint to Heuch's cosmic vision of nature.

Translated from Swedish by Jennifer Knipe.